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Poisoned by Love: The Kern County Murders (1993)

1993 | 94 min | DocudramaCrimeCrime Drama
Disturbing docudrama that casts Harry Hamlin as a lowbrow Don Juan whose roving eye and conniving ways spell danger. Edie Ballew: Helen Shaver. Dyna: Daphne Ashbrook. Bobby Ballew: Terence Knox. Martha Catlin: Eileen Brennan. Glen Emory: Ed Lauter. Det. Sandy Harris: William Lucking. Directed by Larry Peerce.


  • Steve Catlin
  • Edie Ballew
  • Dyna
  • Bobby Ballew
  • Martha Catlin
  • Glen Emory
  • Det. Sandy Harris
  • Joyce Catlin
  • Candy
  • Lynda
  • Bea Emory
  • Det. Culbertson


  • Director
  • Production Company
  • Production Company
  • Distributor
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