Paranormal Activity 3

R 2011 | Horror Supernatural

The deeper we dig into the story of Katie and her sister Kristi, the creepier it gets. (And that's a good thing!) This third installment in the Paranormal Activity franchise takes us back to the ‘80s, when side ponytails were all the rage and capturing a demonic presence on videotape required a little more creativity than pressing the "night vision" button on your webcam. Bonus: not only will you jump in your seat, you'll likely start to doubt all those happy memories you made playing with your childhood imaginary friend.

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Top 10 Fun Facts

  1. Gotta go back in time: the film is actually a prequel set 18 years before the events of the first two Paranormal Activity movies.
  2. Record setter: the movie set multiple box office records, including biggest midnight opening for a horror film and the best opening for any film released in October.
  3. Finding found footage experts: this installment in the franchise was directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, who also directed the Sundance hit "Catfish."
  4. If it ain't broke: Joost and Schulman will also direct the fourth Paranormal Activity film, set for an October 2012 release.
  5. Laying the groundwork, in reverse: early in the movie, Kristi and Katie's mom takes a photo of young Kristi standing in the driveway. We also see that photo in the first 2 films.
  6. Know your occult signs: the symbols scrawled on the walls at Grandma Lois's house are versions of the Pentagram of Solomon.
  7. Look familiar? Actor Mark Fredrichs returns in Paranormal Activity 3; he also appeared as the concerned psychic in the original film.
  8. Bringing in the big guns: to help promote the film, Paramount Studios brought in paranormal investigator Christopher Chacon - one of the world's foremost authorities on paranormal phenomena.
  9. Fail whale? During the events in the film that take place in 1988, Katie and Kristi are seen playing with a toy orca that resembles the whale from Free Willy - a movie released in 1993.
  10. Even better than the real thing: Paranormal Activity 3 is presented in a high-def raw footage format, which wasn't available in hand-held cameras back in 1988.
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