PG-13 2011 | Action Mystery Thriller

There's a point during your teen years when you're pretty sure you must have been adopted - as our friend the Fresh Prince put it, parents just don't understand. But when young Nathan Harper (Taylor Lautner) sees his own image on a missing persons website, he sets out to discover the truth about the people calling themselves "Mom and Dad." Pretty soon he's living the life of a junior varsity Jason Bourne, up to his eyeballs in international espionage, government cover-ups and some pretty sweet hand-to-hand combat.

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Top 10 Fun Facts

  1. Welcome back: this marks John Singleton's first directorial effort since Four Brothers in 2005.
  2. Hot commodity: there was a bidding war for the script, which topped out at a million bucks.
  3. Family affair: Taylor Lautner's dad Dan was a producer on the film, in the first project for their Tailor Made Entertainment label.
  4. A Twi-hard's dream: Taylor Lautner fans showed up in droves for an open casting call for extras at Carnegie Mellon University.
  5. Go Talbots! Students, cheerleaders and marching band members from Hampton High School in suburban Pittsburgh appear in the film.
  6. The kids love him: Taylor Lautner scored a 2012 Teen Choice Award for his performance in the movie.
  7. It all starts with an idea: screenwriter Shawn Christensen said he envisioned the film's story after imagining a teenager who sees a photo of himself on a missing persons website.
  8. Go Pirates! Taylor Lautner sports a Roberto Clemente #21 shirt in the movie.
  9. Game crashers: using a small crew, director John Singleton added the chase scene at PNC Park on a whim, filming during an actual game between the Pirates and the Mets.
  10. Famous father: Tayor Lautner's leading lady Lily Collins is the daughter of Grammy-winner Phil Collins.
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