Jim Norton: American Degenerate

In the follow-up to his first EPIX comedy special Please Be Offended, caustic comedian Jim Norton continues to push every hot button he can find... all in the name of a good laugh, of course. With his trademark self-deprecating brand of humor, Norton outrageously covers a wide range of topics that somehow all lead back to sex.

Tom Papa: Freaked Out

Some people see the glass half empty, but comedian Tom Papa has built a career on seeing it hilariously half-full. With a uniquely optimistic take on the crazy world around him, Papa's first EPIX comedy special tackles everything from Chinese grocery stores to grown men wearing shorts. Bonus: when was the last time you watched a comedy special executive produced by Rob Zombie?

Sherri Shepherd: It's My Time to Talk

No interrupting co-hosts, no commercial breaks - just Sherri Shepherd returning to her stand-up roots with a straight-talking comedy special. Dishing on everything from her televised crash course in ballroom dancing to her daily morning chat-fest with Whoopi and Joy, Shepherd pulls back the curtain on her hilarious life as a celebrity, mom, and newlywed.

Jim Breuer: And Laughter For All

We met him as the brash young comic who took Saturday Night Live by storm, with his killer Joe Pesci impression and the bizarre brayings of an original character called “Goat Boy.” Now Jim Breuer is all grown up, raising three daughters in the Jersey ‘burbs – and this whole marriage-plus-fatherhood thing has made him more hilarious than ever. As an added bonus, Breuer prides himself these days on crafting family-friendly routines... so no need to wait for the kids (or Aunt Edith) to hit the hay before you watch.

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